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    We hope you enjoy browsing through our selection of corporate Christmas gift boxes which are now available to pre-order for Christmas 2021.

    All our boxes comprise carefully sourced items which have a positive impact on one or more of our ethical categories as well as giving back to one of our 4 chosen initiatives. All our curated corporate boxes can be customised to suit your target audience and budget. 

    Included in our corporate gifting service is the option to record a video message which is a very powerful and personal way to thank your stakeholders for their contribution to your organisation's success over the course of the year. The message is included as a QR code in the gift box which can be downloaded to an IOS and android phone.

    Orders over 65 boxes can be co branded with your own company logo.

    All of us at The Ethical Gift Box look forward to working with you on your corporate gift requirements for Christmas 2021!

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