Our Ethical Values

What Makes our Products Ethical ?

It’s hard to find a product that ticks every single box when it comes to ethics. That’s why we’ve created a system that makes it easier for you to choose gifts based on your company’s values. 

We’ve selected our products based on a set of fourteen criteria, all of which are hugely important for living in a fairer, more sustainable world.

Each product fulfils at least two criteria – and often more! You can simply filter products based on your non-negotiables and build your perfect pack.

A product that does not contain any ingredient or component derived from animals, which applies also to the packaging and production process.

An organisation that makes a conscious effort to reduce its carbon emissions as well as offsetting any unavoidable emissions. This includes having products which are Climate Neutral Certified, Carbon Neutral Product or the organisation is part of a Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard Carbon offsetting scheme.  

An organisation verified by B Lab to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability

A product certified to a recognised standard e.g. Soil Association, OCS, GOTS etc

An organisation that has implemented a circular business model that is designed to keep products and materials in use to reduce the amount of waste and pollution created.

An organisation with an active founder, co-founder or CEO from an underrepresented group including a woman, racial or ethnic minority, LGBTQ+ etc

A product that is designed to educate and raise awareness about ecology, the environment, poverty, green living or women's issues.

A product with fair-trade certification helping producers in developing countries achieve sustainable and equitable trade relationships

An organisation that provides either a minimum 1% of its annual revenue or other tangible support to a registered charity on an ongoing basis.

A product free from Palm Oil or uses sustainable Palm Oil assured by the Roundatble on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). Only applies to applicable products.

A product and its primary packaging which is 100% plastic free.

The product design cleverly reuses waste materials helping prevent pollution to a water or land source.

A product designed in such a way as to lessen its environmental impact including; making use of low-impact materials, avoiding the use of non renewable resources, preventing generation of excess waste, designed for reuse or recycling and loss of biodiversity or depletion of natural resources.

A product manufactured in the United Kingdom.