Conscious Gifting

Choose sustainable corporate gifts gifts that show employees, customers and prospects that you care – about them and about the planet. 

In this modern world, offline acts of kindness and connection go a long way. They show that you really care, help to build relationships, nurture loyalty and strengthen ties. Stand out from the crowd, show people they’re valued and build loyalty with considered, branded gifts…..and show customers and employees where your values lie by choosing ethical gifts that give back.

Say thank you

Whether it’s for signing up with you, referring a friend or giving a glowing review.

Gifts For Customers
Say “you matter”

Sometimes, we don’t need a specific reason to gift. Show your employees & customers they’re valued with a beautiful, ethical gift.

Gifts For Staff
Say welcome

Nothing says welcome like a thoughtful gift. Help new hires settle in and show them what’s important to your company.

Onboarding Gifts
Say congratulations !

Gifts for birthdays, milestones & special occasions are a time-old tradition. Now you can give gifts that give back, too.

Celebration Gifts
Engage with prospects

Engage prospects during the buyer’s journey to help build trust and improve response and conversion rates.

Sales Pipeline Gifts
Dazzle conference attendees

Creates the right impression with event participants with gifts which convey your sustainability goals.

Gifts For Events
Create brand recognition

Build customer loyalty and increase retention with thoughtful gifts that show customers you value their business

Gifts To Promote Your Brand
Close deals faster

Close deals faster and more often with personalised gifts that make it easy to build stronger, deeper, and more trusted relationships.

Gifts To Build Trust
Reinforce company culture

Communicate your strong ethical values to your employees and other stakeholders.

Gifts To Reinforce Your Values