Our Ethical Values

The values our business is based upon are very important to us and are a part of who we are.

Our combined backgrounds, working many years in environmental management and growing up in Indonesia surrounded by poverty and inequality, have instilled insight and compassion in us both. This has become the driving force behind The Ethical Gift Box and why we want to source and sell beautiful ethical gifts that give twice - gifts that give back to people and the environment.

Below is a little about how we incorporate each of these values into what we do and how we hope they can help.


Fair Trade

Fair trade principles promote equality and fair trading between the developed and developing world. Paying fair prices for beautifully crafted products quite simply is the right thing to do, and we support this by travelling the world and sourcing our products directly from the artisans who produce them.

We take the time to build relationships with the people we meet. We listen to their stories, admire their skills and respect their prices. We believe that’s the way it should be!

A fair trade approach helps to support producers and their businesses, it allows them to build a life and future for their families, it helps to keep local handicrafts alive and it enables access to new markets. In return we receive a range of gorgeous and unique handcrafted gifts to share with you.



Many of the gifts we sell are made from recycled or upcycled materials. Not only does this help to create some truly funky and one-of-a-kind designs, but recycling gives new life to waste products, uses less energy than producing from scratch and promotes a more sustainable way of living.

And upcycling is even more energy efficient! We have a fantastic range of functional and contemporary items made from colourful recycled plastic, trendy accessories made from upcycled inner tube and stunning jewellery made from scrap metal and bits from unexploded bombs.

There are so many intriguing and wonderful materials out there that are being converted by innovative individuals into something beautiful, so why not enjoy them and help to protect and preserve the environment in the process.


British Made

We have discovered so many businesses in the UK that share our ethos and produce some brilliant eco-friendly products, and they are right on our doorstep! So of course it makes sense environmentally that we support each other.

Many of our natural and recycled products are manufactured in the UK by likeminded individuals who care as much as we do. Buying British made means we can band together in a shared cause, support local businesses and also minimise the miles that a number of our products travel.



When you consider the benefits of using vegan products, you might find yourself wondering why you didn’t discover them sooner! To us, being environmentally friendly is the whole package - caring about the natural world and everything in it. We source vegan products primarily because they are cruelty free, avoid animal testing and are packaged eco-consciously.

Upcycled inner tube provides a vegan option for a host of fashion accessories that are as trusty as they are trendy. And Vegan cosmetics offer all round benefits. They are not just kind to animals, they are kind to our skin too as they contain only a few plant based ingredients. This makes them safer and more soothing for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. So for us, selecting vegan products is the natural choice.


We fully support sustainability and hope to promote a more sustainable way of living with our range of thoughtfully selected gifts. You can help us to spread that message by thinking about the products you choose too and opting for those made from recycled or renewable materials that don’t deplete the earth’s resources or have a negative environmental impact.

 Choosing to reuse is a fantastic way to do this and you can still be stylish at the same time! There are many plastic replacement products out there that are made from versatile and sustainable materials such as hemp or bamboo.  Both plants are so eco-friendly to cultivate and can be transformed into a wide range of useful everyday items that can be used again and again. By adopting sustainable attitudes we can all help minimise waste and discourage a throw away culture.