What Makes A Great Mother's Day Gift

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing mums out there! This Mother’s Day, we asked the mums in our lives what their perfect Mother’s Day would look, taste, smell and feel like, then challenged ourselves to select beautiful items that reflect their answers. It was wonderful to hear what makes Mother’s Day meaningful for these Mothers and Grandmothers. We hope you enjoy their stories as much as we did. 

For The Self Confessed “Old Hippy”

If like us, you have a mother in law who’s a self confessed old hippie, you may find choosing gifts a bit tricky. We asked our silver haired flower child what her perfect Mother’s Day would include and she told us; “my perfect Mother’s Day would be sharing something meaningful in my life with my granddaughters. I love yoga. Yoga is so important to me and has been for years, it’s the secret to my longevity. It would bring me so much joy to share the gift of yoga with my girls. 

Ethical Giftbox

There are so many physical and mental health benefits to doing yoga together. We work with a husband and wife duo who are passionate about making sustainable and ethically sourced cork yoga blocks that offer great support during your practice. They are affordable, beautiful and most importantly strong, perfect for first time yogis. Our Yoga Box combining a yoga block and other mindful treats is the perfect gift for any yoga lover. 


For the Coffee Lover

Our blog writer and mother of two Laura says- “what I love love love about Mother’s Day is the morning lie in ! My husband takes the kids down stairs and I get to snooze. When I’m ready my girls bring me a yummy coffee in bed. We have always bought Fairtrade coffee because it’s important to us that coffee farmers are paid a good wage. I slurp it in bed while reading a good book for an undisturbed half an hour of pure bliss. 

Ethical Giftbox

What a great start to the day! We work with some amazing Fairtrade and organic coffee suppliers. Like our Bird and wild espresso, grown on forest farms that protect the diverse tree canopy providing a haven to threatened migratory birds, insects and other wildlife.  Or Eat Your Hat Honduras Ground Coffee; delicious, lightly roasted, single origin and Fairtrade. 


Writing for Posterity

Mother of two Becky told us her daughters love to ask questions about her life, so they enjoy writing a journal together. This includes memories, stories from childhood, and reflections of gratitude all written down for posterity. Sitting and doing this together on Mother's Day feels especially poignant as Mother’s day is all about appreciation.

Ethical Giftbox

This is such a wonderful idea! We instantly thought of our gorgeously warm and bright Sunflower notebooks, thick textured and recycled. Beautiful to write on with a quality recycled pencil

“It Wouldn’t be Mother’s Day Without Chocolate!”

We asked Grandma Rose what makes her Mother’s Day special. She said,  “It wouldn’t be Mother’s Day without chocolate. It’s very important to me that it’s ethically sourced and it has to be something my grand daughters like because I always end up losing half  to them. It’s become a game where they point and say “what’s that behind you”? Then when I turn to look they pinch a piece of my chocolate. I have to pretend to be surprised of course. These small moments of humour and togetherness really fill me with joy”.

Ethical Giftbox

We couldn’t agree more, It wouldn’t be Mother’s Day without chocolate! It’s so wonderful, the family rituals that develop over time around the sharing of food.  Where to start! We have a beautiful selection of Fairtrade, organic, single origin chocolates. If we had to select our favourite for Mother’s Day it would be the Salted caramel love heart. Made by James Cadbury, the great great great grandson of Birmingham’s own John Cadbury. James wanted to make delicious chocolate that was ethical, Slave Free, Free from Palm Oil, Single Origin and Plastic Free Packaging. On the back of the box there’s space for the kids to write their own personal messages. Coupled with choco chick’s deliciously crispy quinoa pops covered in 60% raw chocolate...perfect for little fingers to grab. 

It was truly wonderful listening to the mothers and Grandmothers in our lives. There were common themes weaving throughout all their stories. Themes of togetherness, connection, appreciation and joy. We wanted gifts that spoke to these expressions. For each of us, life began with waking up and loving our mother’s face.


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