Indigo Dye iPad Cover - The Ethical Gift Box
Indigo Dye iPad Cover - The Ethical Gift Box
Indigo Dye iPad Cover - The Ethical Gift Box

Indigo Dye iPad Cover

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Description of Indigo Dye iPad Cover

A hand-woven iPad case which provides practical protection for your device and also exudes a traditional tribal appeal that is so eye-catching.

The naturally textured hemp outside with contrasting Hmong tribal fabric flap is delightful.

There is a  handy zipped pocket for any small accessories. The cover closes securely with the aid of two stud fasteners. The soft padded synthetic chamois inner lining ensures your tablet fits snug and stays free from scratches.

Due to the nature of upcycled vintage fabric there might be some slight imperfections in the material.

We believe this only adds to the character and uniqueness of the item telling the story of its history.

  • Made of natural hemp
  • Synthetic chamois interior
  • Measures 22 x 29 cm
  • Suitable for I Pad Pro 10.5", I Pad, I Pad Mini, Kindle & Samsung Galaxy Tab (all models)  

Based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, partners Na and Pha of Thongpua, offer a variety of handmade products transforming antique Hmong textiles into vibrant modern accessories and furnishings.

'Through a piece of antique fabric, we hope to share a part of our culture and tradition with people.' said Na, who always gives her customers a warm welcome in the shop and shares her enthusiasm for Hmong textiles with them.

Na was born in Doi Pui Hmong village, the highest peak in the Doi Suthep-Pui National Park, about 26 km from Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand.

She grew up looking after her brothers and sisters as well as making and selling Hmong textile products in Chiang Mai night market.

This experience gave her a great understanding and awareness of fabrics which inspired her to establish Thongpua in 2006.

The word ” Thongpua” literally means “carrying bag” in Hmong, and portrays a  young Hmong woman's awareness of her own cultural identity.

All Thongpua products are lovingly made down to the very last detail, the outcome of a long, diligent process that starts with the careful selection of the finest Hmong textiles.

By owning a Thongpua product one can truly appreciate the beauty of Hmong crafts as well as the understanding of traditional Hmong women’s lives.

When you purchase from Thongpua, you not only support the work of local Hmong people, but also participate in a part of the preservation of the endangered hill tribe culture.