Freeze Dried Banana Crisps (14g)
Freeze Dried Banana Crisps (14g)

Freeze Dried Banana Crisps (14g)

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Description of Freeze Dried Banana Crisps (14g)

Freeze-Dried Banana Crisps. Perfect as a healthy snack with no added sugar !   Vegan, gluten free and contain no added sugar or preservatives

Use them to add a burst of flavour to cereal, yogurt or as a porridge topper. You can add them to milkshakes, smoothies and perfect for cake decoration. 1 of 5 a day. 50 calories per pack

LioBites are 100% Fruit Crisps. The ripest and sweetest fruits are picked in season to ensure the maximum nutrition and vitamins are retained. The fruits are quickly frozen and then dried to achieve the sweet, crunchy fruit crisp.  

A Certified B Corp company, Liobites is the inspiration of Anna a mum to 2 lovely school age girls.

Like all mums she tried to cook healthy food and give her girls the recommended 5 portions of fruits and veg a day.

She decided to create Liobites one day, when her younger daughter started picking the dried fruit out of her cereal. She loved the taste, so she decided to package up freeze-dried strawberries and other fruits in her lunch box.

Since then the popularity from her friends made her create this as a product, one that we would like to share with you.