Corporate Thank You Gifts

We offer a corporate thank you gifts service for businesses with only 1 employee or businesses with many employees. If you're looking to only order a small amount of corporate gift boxes, you can use the Corporate Gifting category in our shop. For larger orders or more specific orders, customers will need to enquire before we can give you a proper price. We offer a corporate gifting service for companies big and small.


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Why Send Corporate Thank You Gifts?

Sending corporate gift boxes as a way to say thank you or to suppliers, employees, clients and customers can be a great way to build trust and loyalty while also invoking the feeling of reciprocation in clients. By showing clients you care they'll want to stay with your business without considering the competition. Eco friendly corporate gifts are a fantastic way to show your clients you care about them and the planet.



Why use The Ethical Gift Box for Your Corporate Gift Boxes?

The Ethical Gift Box only offers eco friendly corporate gifts which sends a message to your clients and your employees that you care about the planet we live in. It also shows them that you care about them enough to gift them something to luxurious. Check more about how eco friendly our gifts are on our Ethics page.

We can work with you to create tailored gifts to suit all occasions; team building, conferences, promotions and rewards as well as gifts to celebrate important global days such as International Women's Day, Fair Trade Fortnight etc.

For larger corporations we can provide a seamless hassle free service with a dedicated password protected page on our web site set up exclusively for you.

Your employees can jump on to the site and easily select their gift from a choice of multiple tailored options which we will build with you. Corporate gift boxes can be sent anywhere within mainland UK or further afield.

We are currently creating a corporate gift boxes brochure, and this should be ready soon.

Create Your Own Corporate Gift Box

You can create your own corporate gift boxes with us when you enquire and we'll quote you up on these for however many employees or clients you're wanting to gift to. Therefore, you can make these eco friendly corporate gifts have a personal touch associated with your business.

Ready Made Corporate Gift Boxes

We have ready made corporate gift boxes on the shop part of our website. If you don't want to personalise your own box for clients and employees, we can just use the ones on our Corporate Gifting product page.

Delivery Fulfilment Service

We will fulfil your delivery by sending your corporate thank you gifts to your clients, employees, and suppliers. All we'll need are their addresses.

Contact Us for Eco Friendly Corporate Gifts

If you'd like to discuss further our bespoke corporate service for creating ethical gift boxes for your business, do contact us at or give us a call on 0203 917 8693