World Wildlife Day: Ten Ethical Gift Box products that support biodiversity

World Wildlife Day: Ten Ethical Gift Box products that support biodiversity

World Wildlife Day: Ten Ethical Gift Box products that support biodiversity

Happy World Wildlife Day! Today (Thursday 3 March) is an annual global celebration of the world’s wild animals and plants, and a time to raise awareness of the work needed to protect them.

The date was designated by the United Nations, to mark the anniversary of the 1973 signing of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

For 2022, the theme is ‘recovering key species for ecosystem restoration’. This means the focus is on some of the world’s most critically endangered species, finding ways to restore habitats and ecosystems, promote sustainability and support the UN’s seventeen sustainable development goals

World Wildlife Day is close to our hearts at the Ethical Gift Box. We will be watching closely to see what solutions and resolutions come from this year’s talks.

Gifts that give back to the earth

Today we share with you ten of our products that help support biodiversity - and tell you a little about the thoughtful suppliers behind them.

Bird & Wild Coffee 

  1. Bird & Wild Seasonal Blend Medium Roast Coffee

This medium-roast coffee not only tastes great, but is certified Fairtrade and organic. Every bag you buy helps protect birds, with six per cent of sales donated to the RSPB.

Bird & Wild only roasts seasonal coffee certified as bird friendly by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Centre. It contributes to support the organisation’s research and conservation programmes.

As Guy Wilmot from Bird & Wild says: "During these torrid times, it's important to remember that deforestation and global warming are still going on and our personal choices can make a difference. We can all do our bit - one cup of coffee at a time - and together we can make a real impact!"

> Give wings to someone’s day with Bird & Wild’s Seasonal Blend Medium Roast Coffee.

  1. Seedball Seed Boxes

These beautiful recycled and reusable boxes contain seeds that, when tossed into your garden, generate plants that will attract bees, birds, bats, butterflies, beetles and hedgehogs.

Created by conservation scientists and 100 per cent British made, Seedball is ue innovation to help more people grow bee and butterfly-friendly wildflowers.

a uniqMade using a mixture of UK-native seeds, clay, peat-free compost and chilli powder, these special balls create a protective casing against seed predators such as birds and ants.

They’re incredibly easy to use – you simply scatter them on top of soil. No digging required! With rain and warm sun, the seeds will grow.

This is the perfect gardening gift for the green-fingered and green-minded.

> Scatter some wildlife love with these pretty Wildlife Collection Seed Boxes from Seedball


  1. Elephant Gin

This award-winning tasty gin blends fourteen botanicals as well as fresh apples sourced from orchards around its distillery in Germany. Inspired by the owners’ trips to Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa, Elephant Gin includes rare African ingredients and the bottles are sealed with natural cork.

In case you’re wondering, the elephants on the labels are more than just decorative – they’re symbolic too. Fifteen per cent of Elephant Gin’s profits are donated to elephant conservation projects.

Jack Vandersteen from Elephant Gin explains: “We strongly believe that this generation has a responsibility to support African wildlife today, so others can continue to enjoy it in the future.

We have contributed over EUR 500,000 to our partner foundations through the sales of our bottles and fundraising events.

By working closely with our partner foundations, we ensure that the donations arrive on the ground and go directly to mutually agreed projects.”

> Help someone raise a glass to elephants with delicious Elephant Gin 


  1. Neve’s Bees Lip Balm

Pucker up for these indulgent lip balms that come in a delicious range of flavours, from sweet grapefruit to honey vanilla, lavender to chocolate orange.

They’re made from beeswax collected in West Oxfordshire, along with cocoa butter and organic oils.

Julie Macken from Neve’s Bees says: “Since the 1970s it’s estimated the UK has lost 97 per cent of its native wildflower meadows – a vital source or food, shelter and mating grounds for our bees and other pollinators, and the other wildlife who rely on these insects.

That’s why ten per cent of the company’s profits are donated to the Wildlife Trust and other local nature recovery charities, to help restore wildflower meadows and combat the loss of our vital insect populations.

> Send a little kiss with Sweet Grapefruit Lip Balm from Neve’s Bees. 


  1. Emma’s Soap

These zero-waste scented and unscented soaps are a real treat for both the body and the planet. They are made with organic cocoa butter and are totally free from palm oil. They also come wrapped in beautiful packaging that can all be reused, recycled or composted.

Choose a heaven-scent gift with Lavender Rose Organic Cocoa Butter Soap from Emma’s Soap


  1. Love Cocoa

ALL chocolate lovers can relax and enjoy a warming cuppa with this vegan cocoa sourced from an artisan British producer and delivered in plastic-free packaging.

While rainforests in Africa are being destroyed for the cultivation of cacao, Love Cocoa gives back to the planet. For every unit sold, the company plants a tree in cacao plantations in Cameroon.

Give the heartwarming gift of Love Cocoa 40% Hot Chocolate


  1. KeepCup  

Driven by the desire to encourage people to reuse rather than discard their hot drinks cups, KeepCup donates at least one per cent of its global revenue – over $2m - to environmental causes that proactively work towards boosting biodiversity.

The glasses, which come in two sizes, include a cork band, which not only gives a comfortable hold, but is also sustainably harvested.

Send cheers with the KeepCup Brew Cork Glass!


  1. Liberation Nuts

These satisfyingly crunchy oven-baked cashews from India and peanuts from Malawi and Nicaragua are carefully sourced from small-scale Fairtrade cooperatives. The company also invests in renewable energy, and promotes the use of organic pesticides.

> Make someone nutty about these Salted Cashews and Peanuts from Liberation!



  1. Shore seaweed chips

These crunchy bites come laced with tantalisingly tangy sweet chilli seasoning, and are totally plant-based. The seaweed is a completely sustainable resource that doesn’t need fertilisers, pesticides or fresh water to grow. What’s more, it’s a product that is great for the coastal environment, and benefits the local rural communities.

We’re Shore anyone would love these Sweet Sriracha Chilli Chips!

  1. Source Coffee

This gourmet organic coffee company incentivises small farmers to protect primary forests through the Plan Vivo Foundation, which works with smallholders and forest-user groups to support their local ecosystems.

From Nicaragua to Tanzania, Rwanda to Mexico, the coffee beans are all traceable to their source and offset using reforestation carbon credits.

As Cristina Talens from Source says: “Rainforests and cloud forests sustain 50 per cent of the species on earth. By investing in carbon projects with our farmers, we balance our climate impact and protect biodiversity in some of the world’s most unique ecological hot spots.”

Delight someone’s palate with Tanzania Organic Kilimanjaro Cloud Forest Coffee.

Thoughtfully curated gift boxes from Ethical Gift Box

Above we’ve shared some of our favourite individual products at the Ethical Gift Box, but have you checked out our curated gift box collection?

This World Wildlife Day, we’ve made it easy for you to send gift boxes packed with products that demonstrate your commitment to protecting the planet and the wildlife we share it with. Take a look at our curated gift boxes here.

Our gift boxes give twice!

For every gift box sold, we donate £1 to support initiatives helping to fight climate change, end human trafficking, clean our oceans and protect tribal communities. You choose which you want to support.

Wishing you a peaceful and productive World Wildlife Day from everyone at the Ethical Gift Box. Together we can make a huge difference to animals, plants and ecosystems across the globe. Sign up to our newsletter for more news and information about our products and initiatives to make the world a kinder, fairer place.

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